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__ dementesim . . Do rio que tudo arrasta se diz que é violento Mas ninguém diz violentas as margens que o comprimem. . _____ . Quem luta pelo comunismo Deve saber lutar e não lutar, Dizer a verdade e não dizer a verdade, Prestar serviços e recusar serviços, Ter fé e não ter fé, Expor-se ao perigo e evitá-lo, Ser reconhecido e não ser reconhecido. Quem luta pelo comunismo . . Só tem uma verdade: A de lutar pelo comunismo. . . Bertold Brecht

quarta-feira, setembro 30, 2009

WSWS News - 29 September 2009


The political significance of the Balmoral Estate Action Committee

The courageous step taken by tea plantation workers on the Balmoral Estate in Sri Lanka in establishing their own action committee, independent of the trade unions, has broad political significance for workers throughout the island and internationally.

News & Analysis

German election: The collapse of the Social Democratic Party

The most important feature of Germany's Bundestag (federal parliament) elections last Sunday was the dramatic loss of votes by the Social Democratic Party.

Three months after coup: Honduran regime imposes state of siege

US, NATO reach "consensus" to sanction rigged election in Afghanistan

Australian government lawyers demand Guantánamo compensation case be stopped to protect US alliance

Severe dust storm hits Australian coastal cities

US Army abandons effort to court-martial Iraq war resister

Political Statements

Once again, on the ex-left and Iran

Book Review

What does reality require from fiction?: Aravind Adiga and Indian society

Arts Review

A dramatic account of the death of Jean Charles de Menezes: Stockwell, by Kieron Barry

Socialist Equality Party

Public meeting---70 years since World War II: Origins & consequences of a historical catastrophe

Sri Lankan SEP to hold election meeting in Galle

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas


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