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__ dementesim . . Do rio que tudo arrasta se diz que é violento Mas ninguém diz violentas as margens que o comprimem. . _____ . Quem luta pelo comunismo Deve saber lutar e não lutar, Dizer a verdade e não dizer a verdade, Prestar serviços e recusar serviços, Ter fé e não ter fé, Expor-se ao perigo e evitá-lo, Ser reconhecido e não ser reconhecido. Quem luta pelo comunismo . . Só tem uma verdade: A de lutar pelo comunismo. . . Bertold Brecht

segunda-feira, novembro 23, 2009

WSWS - News 2009.11.23

New Today -- 23 November 2009


EU appointments reflect growth of national conflicts in Europe

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the appointments to the two new top posts in the European Union: In future, national interests will set the tone in Europe.

News & Analysis

Civil war spreads across north west Pakistan

Islamists and tribal militants now consider themselves in a fight to the death with the pro-US government of President Zardari.

US Senate votes to open debate on cost-cutting health care plan

Unemployment rises in 29 US states

Britain: Brown and Miliband seek in vain to regain support for Afghan war

British government rejects inquiry into new allegations of Iraq abuses

Chinese mine explosion kills more than 100

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This Week in History: November 23-29

This week in history: November 23-29

Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lanka: SEP/Balmoral Action Committee hold plantation workers meeting

Workers Struggles

Egypt hit by wave of strikes and protests

Australia: Engineers place bans, defying Qantas intimidation

Arts Review

A conversation with organizers of the Toronto film festival protest: The issues around the spotlight on Tel Aviv


Why are women being told to forgo cervical cancer screenings?

Royal Mail strike: Britain's Socialist Party defends union capitulation

Obama's China trip

New fashions in Canadian politics: Guide for immigrants promotes the monarchy and the military

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