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__ dementesim . . Do rio que tudo arrasta se diz que é violento Mas ninguém diz violentas as margens que o comprimem. . _____ . Quem luta pelo comunismo Deve saber lutar e não lutar, Dizer a verdade e não dizer a verdade, Prestar serviços e recusar serviços, Ter fé e não ter fé, Expor-se ao perigo e evitá-lo, Ser reconhecido e não ser reconhecido. Quem luta pelo comunismo . . Só tem uma verdade: A de lutar pelo comunismo. . . Bertold Brecht

sábado, outubro 03, 2009

WSWS - New Today -- 3 October 2009

One year since the US bank bailout

One year ago today, Congress passed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, establishing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and authorizing the use of $700 billion in Treasury funds to bail out the banking industry.

News & Analysis

US: Over a quarter million jobs lost in September

The US unemployment rate reached 9.8 percent and the economy lost 263,000 jobs in September, undermining claims of an imminent economic recovery.

General McChrystal publicly campaigns for Afghanistan "surge"

US faces worsening military situation in Afghanistan

The new Forbes 400: Provocative wealth amidst social misery

Thousands feared dead after Indonesian earthquake

Britain: The denouement looms for Labour

Social Democrats suffer historical defeat in Upper Austria

Political Statements

Germany: Whither the SPD?
The working class and the decline of social democracy

Sixty years after the Chinese Revolution: Lessons for the working class

Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lanka: SEP election team campaigns among cinnamon peelers

Arts Review

Toronto International Film Festival 2009--Part 2
"The Iraq war poisoned the water--you can't undo that, it's there forever"

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

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