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__ dementesim . . Do rio que tudo arrasta se diz que é violento Mas ninguém diz violentas as margens que o comprimem. . _____ . Quem luta pelo comunismo Deve saber lutar e não lutar, Dizer a verdade e não dizer a verdade, Prestar serviços e recusar serviços, Ter fé e não ter fé, Expor-se ao perigo e evitá-lo, Ser reconhecido e não ser reconhecido. Quem luta pelo comunismo . . Só tem uma verdade: A de lutar pelo comunismo. . . Bertold Brecht

sexta-feira, agosto 07, 2009

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New Today -- 5 August 2009


A further step toward a police state
Obama seeks to institutionalize indefinite detention

The Obama administration is considering the creation of a special prison and court complex on US soil to process and hold current and future terrorist suspects. It would include a facility to indefinitely detain people held without trial or any other constitutionally mandated due process rights.

News & Analysis

Unemployment rises sharply across Europe

While a number of major banks and financial institutions are reporting massive profits, industrial, commercial and service firms are continuing to shed jobs at an alarming rate across Europe.

Iranian election crisis continues amid growing US threats

US health care lobby pumps millions into Obama's "reform" effort

US military base plan fuels Latin American tensions

Elderly man resisting eviction shot by Detroit police

Israel: The significance of the Bar-Noah gay shooting

Australian police carry out sweeping new "anti-terror" raids

Mass arrests at Malaysian protest

New York hospital workers face massive concessions in reopened contract


Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, 1933-2009
Part two

Workers Struggles

Australia: Victorian paramedics protest for safer conditions

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