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quinta-feira, janeiro 14, 2010

People's World - 2010.01.14

PEOPLE'S WORLD | It's Your World

Dear Reader,

When it comes right down to it capitalism sucks. As Joe Sims reveals in his recent article, instead of giving unsold winter clothing to homeless shelters to aid the poor, big chains like Wal-Mart have reportedly been destroying it. It just isn't profitable to help people in need. Thanks Wal-Mart for showing us what capitalism is really all about.
In addition to this story, our recent coverge examines labor's fight against the health insurance benefits tax, the flap over Harry Reid's comments about President Obama, labor's call for a real fight to end the jobs crisis and much more. Check it out below.

In struggle,

Teresa Albano, Joe Sims, Susan Webb

Helping the homeless isn’t profitable
by: Joe Sims

Labor backs Coakley in heated Massachusetts senate race
by: Pepe Lozano

Union leaders remain strongly opposed to health tax
by: John Wojcik

Political courage to create jobs is lacking, AFL-CIO Trumka charges
by: John Wojcik

The ruckus over Harry Reid
by: Jarvis Tyner

We looked into the future and the problem is us
by: Sam Webb

U.S. starts new drive for Israel-Palestine talks
by: Susan Webb

Chilean communists win seats for first time since Allende
by: Elena Mora


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